Gen Z Women in the Workforce

Gen Z Woman working on a laptop
Gen Z woman working on a laptop

As Gen Z women have started entering the workforce in recent years there are expectations that must be met by employers. These expectations and standards have developed due to social changes these women have witnessed in their lifetime thus far. The social movements that have sparked a different perspective and way of doing things include TimesUp, MeToo, and Black Lives Matter (BasuMallick, 2020). Therefore, these social movements have greatly impacted their expectations for workplace that has pay equity, equal opportunities and non-toxic work environments (BasuMallick, 2020).  

Compared to previous generations, Gen Z women offer a variety of skill set to employers that has yet to be seen. According to a report done by HackerRank, 1 out of 3 Gen Z women learned some level of coding at school (BasuMallick, 2020). Having learned these useful skills earlier in life have made Gen Z women better prepared for the changing demands of employers (BasuMallick, 2020).  

There are several key factors that Gen Z women look for when considering employment. Firstly, Gen Z women value equal pay and opportunities for growth (BasuMallick, 2020). It is essential for Gen Z women to find an employer who will assist in furthering their skills and careers, while also respecting their decisions of becoming mothers and receiving parental leave (BasuMallick, 2020). With the entrepreneurial mindset and the independence trait Gen Z tends to pertain it is essential for Gen Z women to have equal opportunities to higher positions within their company (BusaMallick, 2020). Another key area where expectations have changed for Gen Z women are benefits, whether it’s maternity leave and support to working moms or having a flexible work schedule (BusaMallick, 2020). Gen Z is a generation who values the balance between work and socializing and are unlikely to make personal sacrifices for the sake of work like previous generations have done before (BusaMallick, 2020).  A way of continuing to shorten the gap between gender differences in the workplace is by having more recognition of women employees. Gen Z women have placed emphasis on recognition because often women are promoted based on past accomplishments unlike men who are promoted based on potential (BusaMallick, 2020). Lastly, Gen Z lives by their own mission statement of making the world a better place. Gen Z women are attracted to companies who mirror that by having a clear mission statement, impact societies in positive ways and value employee contributions in achieving their goals (BusaMallick, 2020).  

Over generations women have faced discrimination in the workforce. In recent decades more and more equality has been given to women within their careers. However, the progress isn’t over yet and Gen Z women are determined to end any gender prejudices. It is important for businesses and employers to be aware and proactive about these needed changes and the expectations of their employees. 


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