Our frequent visits to Charleston give us the opportunity

to work with exceptional people, explore the historic sites, tourist destinations, and top quality restaurants across the Lowcountry.

Below you'll find our work partners, favorite spots, recommended reading, and local secrets for your next visit to The Holy City. 

Our Work Partners

We've had the incredible privilege to work with a range of humans and businesses in our short time in Charleston. Learn more about these fabulous folks by clicking on their name below!

Top Tourist Destinations

Penn Center

Located on St. Helena Island - about 1.5 hours south of Charleston - the Penn Center holds a storied history. It was the location of the first school for formerly enslaved West Africans, and served as a prime location during the Civil Rights Movement. Now the site is a research center, museum, and exhibition space is one of the most significant African American institutions in the country. 

Charleston Tea Plantation

Not one of those plantations - the Charleston Tea Plantation opened in the 1980s. Whether you are a tea lover or not, it is a delightful and fascinating tour, learning how tea is grown and made. Yet another gorgeous, but relatively short, drive from Charleston, it is on our must see list. 

International African American Museum

The museum opened in September 2023 and is located on Gadsden's Wharf, the disembarkation point for tens of thousands of enslaved Africans from 1760s through 1808. We visited in late September and were moved and blown away by the experience. The museum experience is immersive, empathetic, and at the end, celebratory of the impact that enslaved Africans and their descendants have had on the Low Country. If you're planning a trip to Charleston, make sure you include a visit here!

Top Reading Recommendations:

A History Lover's Guide to Charleston by Christopher Byrd Downey

"An accessible, yet thorough, account of the city. A must read for anyone looking to understand why Charleston has such a distinct culture from the rest of the state, as well as why so many tourists flock to it consistently."

- Dr. Kristen 

The Cooking Gene by Michael W. Twitty

"To know a place is to know it's cuisine and this book does an exceptional job at explaining the Lowcountry through its tastes."

- Dr. Kristen

Grace Will Lead Us Home by Jennifer Berry Hawes

"The story of the murders at Mother Emmanuel Church and the aftermath. This event is particularly personal to us, since it marked the start of Abbey Companies' relationship with Charleston Southern University."

 - Dr. kristen

Other Books We Recommend:

A Short History of Charleston by Robert N. Rosen
Penn Center by Orville Vernon Burton
Gullah Geechee Home Cooking by Emily Meggett
The Fall of the House of Dixie by Bruce Levine
The Second Founding by Eric Foner
The Prince of Tides by Pat Conroy

Our Top Food and Drink Destinations

Vicious Biscuit

What is a visit to the South without biscuits? This place has a butter and jam bar and is a guaranteed stop for us every visit. 

Swig & Swine

Y'all. This is some real good Southern barbecue. The meat was divine, the sides were delish, and the desserts were unreal. There are multiple locations around Charleston, so dig in. 

Holy City Brewing

It's a little known fact that we're connoisseur's of soft pretzels. We highly recommend the fair at Holy City - both beer and grub.

Other Food and Drink Places We Love:

Park Circle (North Charleston)

We love a good Thai place and this one is a favorite. Currently only open for dinners, but worth adjusting your schedule. 

St. Helena's Island

Featured in Padma Lakshmi's 'Taste the Nation' episode about Gullah food - this was a must stop for us. 

Park Circle (North Charleston)

A fascinating fusion of Japanese and Southern styles - great food, creative cocktails, and stellar service. 


A Charleston staple - it was one of the first places we ate together. Traditional Southern food is hard to beat. 


Poogan's is a chain of restaurants in the area. They have really good fried chicken and yummy cocktails.


They have a great selection of tacos here. It's a good low key lunch or early dinner spot - good for families. 


Everyone loves a good gin bar. This one boasts an excellent selection, some fine cocktails, and a fun night out atmosphere.


Yet another place with yummy Southern food and a great selection of gin and cocktails. We're simple creatures, really. 


This place boasts an entirely local menu that changes with the seasons and some of the best carrots I've ever had. 


NOLA inspired breakfast food is great for a big meal before a walking tour around downtown. 


Located in an old Victorian house, it's quaint with a real strong selection of soups, salads, and sandwiches. 

Park Circle (North Charleston)

Ended up here accidentally and had gorgeous wine. We love a wine and tapas place - we can't wait to go back. 


A fabulous restaurant run by Chef Nico Romo and inspired by his grandmother's (Laura's) cooking. 


Located in an old Victorian house, it's got delicious, rustic inspired Italian food and very yummy cocktails.