Our Market Research 101 Partnership

The one-stop shop for all our research, resources, and white papers gathered through the semester research projects!

What do the students get from the course?

Project Supervision

Each semester we supervise three research projects. The questions are a collaboration between The Good Doctors and our research partner Emory Hiott. 

Professional Development

The students gain valuable experience developing their presentation skills, both online and in-person, as well as honing their market research skills. 

Qualitative Skills

The focus of the course is in quantitative skill development. However, as qualitative researchers, we bring the 'people' questions into every project.

Real World Experience

The CRI serves as a client so the students can get experience working for a real business, complete with lots of feedback.

what do you get from the course?

Generations Resource List

Over the past three years, we've been gathering resources for our generational research. We've compiled a handy resource list with top recommendations for where to start learning about working with different generations. 

Research White Papers

Using the data gathered from our student led research projects, we've produced a series of White Papers. These papers are designed to be easily read and distributed amongst your network or organization. Research dissemination and community engagement is a huge part of our methodology.

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