What We Do at the CRI

cri internship program 

CRI interns currently focus on addressing generational differences through social media campaigns. This work has included researching and writing blogs about Gen Z, interviewing CSU faculty, conducting research with local businesses, and producing YouTube videos targeting key issues facing Gen Z students and workers. The internships teach students practical skills in social media marketing, as well as teaching them to develop their empathy and emotional intelligence.

market research course

Our generational research at the CRI has expanded to include student run research projects through a Market Research course. Each semester Abbey Research acts as clients for the course. Students are split into three projects, and each team is tasked with conducting a research project around a specific question. These projects give us fresh and relevant data about Gen Z and their expectations for the workforce.

community outreach 

With our wealth of knowledge about multi-generational workplaces and our passion for teaching, turning our work with CRI into a training service was a natural next step. We have delivered our training to CSU athletics and the Spring Meeting of the Big South Conference Athletics, and are booking trainings with other institutions into 2023!

Our Commitment to CSU

In April 2022, the Nielsen family, Abbey Companies (including Abbey Research) and the Community Research Institute celebrated the naming of the Hans A. Nielsen College of Business. The naming signified our ongoing commitment to service at CSU and our dedication to supporting the next generation of leaders.