The CRI Internship Program

This is the place where you can learn more about the fabulous work our interns have done, and find out if a CRI intern would be a good fit for your organization!

Social Media Marketing Skills
Professional Development Training
Small Business Job Placements

Intern Project Highlights 

Independent Research

Our Spring 2023 Intern JD Fuller researched, produced, and edited a dynamic video essay on autism in the workplace.

YouTube Channel

Our Spring 2021 cohort started the channel, which has become an excellent resource for all you need to know about Gen Z !

LinkedIn Page

Using the research from our intern blogs, we use this page to share our key insights on working with difference generations!

Professional Development

A integral part of our internship curriculum is the required completion of our online course that focuses on developing the interns' emotional intelligence and empathy. 

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    We know that emotional intelligence is often called a 'soft skill' by business leaders, but we believe it's one of the most necessary skills that Gen Z can develop before entering the workforce. 
  2. 2
    In our work as corporate trainers, we engage with lots of different thought leaders. We use a diverse range of perspectives to inform elements of our course and provide support for our curriculum. 
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    We have seen remarkable growth from our students while going through this professional development program. Employers, professors, and coaches have also reported a significant improvement in the students EQ skills. 

Intern Selection Process 

CRI Interns are hand selected by Professor Emory Hiott an instructor of Marketing at the Hans A. Nielsen College of Business. Students are Marketing Majors with a range of minors including Business Administration, Graphic Design, and Communications. 

We take the selection of our interns very seriously and it is a highly selective group, with a maximum of 5 participants per semester. Therefore, we can guarantee that if a CRI intern is placed with your organization, you will get the highest quality student and worker. 

What Our Students Say

On a professional level the CRI really sharpened my writing skills and made me more versatile. On an interpersonal level, it gave me a stronger awareness of my own empathy and how I can use it help others flourish.

Bailey Dingler Spring 2021 Intern 

The CRI internship helped me learn how to think deeper and communicate what I am feeling better to grow as an individual and in my relationships.

Shayne Boyle Spring 2022 Intern

I couldn't have asked for a better first internship experience. I have learned so much knowledge, skills, and tools that have not only contributed to building a solid career foundation but for character building as well. 

Chelsea Sullivan Fall 2021 Intern 

I learned the importance of emotional intelligence and how vulnerability can be our biggest tool. 

Jaymee Domoney Fall 2020 Intern 

I am so thankful for my experiences this semester over the course of the internship. I feel that I have gained so much knowledge and grown exponentially as a person. I have also learned an incredible amount from Dr. Donnelly and Dr. Hinson, and I am just so thankful that they put so much effort into teaching us and helping us grow as people. 

Emma Minnick  Fall 2021 Intern

As a CRI intern, I was able to learn a lot about emotional intelligence and how I can best apply these skills to my personal and work life in the most beneficial way. 

Holly Jackson  Spring 2022 Intern 

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