How Charleston Southern Football Players are Improving During COVID-19


Being a Senior Division 1 football player at Charleston Southern University takes a great deal of responsibility and work to achieve goals in creating better relationships with my teammates and winning championships. COVID-19 is challenging my team and I to achieve these goals. Since COVID-19 happened Charleston Southern football team has not been able to play football as a team since our last game against Campbell University early November 2019. During this widespan of time our team has been in communication over Zoom calls and Facetime calls. We also have had our strength coaches help us get stronger throughout this process too. I will be covering how my team utilizes certain tools and objectives to create better relationships between people on the team and how we have increased our strength and football ability.

How We Increase Our Team Relationships and Off the Field Strength.

COVID-19 has taught my teammates and I to have better communication with our coaches and even our family and friends. Since being home, Charleston Southern football coaches have been scheduling mandatory meetings from Monday to Friday every week. These meetings consist of getting to know one another better and to keep on track on our grades so that the coaches are showing their love for us. These meetings and the time of being away from each other has personally affected me because I love being around my brothers every day on and off the field. Our strength coaches have taken the time and provided us with weekly strength workouts, football workouts and nutrition. These workouts are more than the regular workouts set out for us when were in school because we do not have the tools at home that are at the Charleston Southern weight room. Our coaches have shown great leadership, helping us to develop a strong work ethic and motivating us to complete the workouts.

# Tips and Reminders for Improving Yourself and Your Team During COVID-19

This is a great time to get closer together with your teammates and coaches. Every day you should reach out to a player or coach on your team to grow your relationship with him/her. Better relationships create better team chemistry which provides a winning edge on and off the field. Increase your work ethic so you are not failing the person beside you when the going gets tough. If you are not doing Zoom call meetings with your team, I would highly suggest you ask your coaches to set up weekly meetings as for our team has done that and has increasingly became a better team overall because of it. Everybody on your team should be able to trust one another. When you are a team, you become a family, and everybody loves everybody.


In closing, I have told you all the ways how our football team at Charleston Southern University has become a better team during the COVID-19 process. I hope the student-athletes that are reading this can carry over our ways to yours in creating a better environment of leaders on your team and even better relationships.

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