How Will Gen Z Impact the Workforce

World Map with the words: visual, connected, technology, social, realists, and education written across it.
World Map with the words: visual, connected, technology, social, realists, and education written across it.

Gen Z individuals are known to be a force to be reckoned with and this will be sure to display itself more and more as they start to enter the workforce. This group will bring about new ideas and terminate any outdated traditional values that have been seen as the typical work settings. According to Jason Dorsey of the Center of Generational Kinetics, it is expected that Gen Z will be the first generation to change working behaviors that have been seen as traditional (Hasyati, 2021).  

Employers will have to bring about necessary changes in order to have a proper relationship with their Gen Z employees. Changes will be made in different areas such as training, management, corporate culture, and marketing. Due to Gen Z growing up in the age of technology, there has been a disconnect in face-to-face interactions. It is up to employers to teach essential communication skills to their Gen Z employees. Communication training would involve asking open ended questions, active listening and conflict solving through role playing (Forbes, 2021). Furthermore, the way a company brands itself will be crucial in attracting potential Gen Z employees (Morris, 2018). It is more of a marketing effort to recruit Gen Z individuals since they care less about benefit packages and more about day-to-day work experiences (Morris, 2018).  

Mission and impact are important factors to Gen Z and are indicators to where their energy is placed (Forbes, 2021). Therefore, making a company who is authentic and supports causes such as climate change and workplace equity will attract Gen Z individuals to want to contribute to a company’s overall mission (Forbes, 2021). Gen Z also are carefully looking for the corporate culture that fits them best. One where their hard work is valued and they aren’t just viewed as another employee (Morris, 2018). Other factors and benefits that are important to Gen Z are a fun work environment, a flexible schedule and paid time off (Morris, 2018).  

Gen Z is growing up and starting their careers at a crucial time in history where changes are constantly happening, whether they are social, environmental or political. It is only expected that their ideologies and perspectives will be brought to workplace as well. Gen Z is becoming more particular about the companies they choose to work for. It is also likely that employers will face challenges in developing the proper strategies to effectively lead and manage Gen Z. 


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